About GOSH

  • To provide fundamental support to people and Communities in situations of Poverty, Illiteracy, pandemics and Social Injustice.
  • To build the capacity of skills leading the people for the better survival in this world.
  • Introducing young scholars from different parts of the world a platform for economic and social development with cooperation.

Bridging the gap between the Helping and needy human being of this planet.
GOSH (Global Organization for Serving Humanity) was established to channelize the financial and physical resources from the more blessed people of the world to the less blessed people of the world.

To highlight the basic requirements of life of the needy people in all aspects of life before the donors.
To make sure the smooth stream line of funds from donor to the needy.
To identify the most appropriate supplier of the funds to the most suitable demander of the funds

Free education, Gender Equality, Poverty, Disability, Old age people care, Child protection, Health, Disaster management, Food, Environmental protection, Refugees, Youth development